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Blue's Over. Red's Taking Over.

Never thought I'd write something here again, after a few years. 

Thus passes the calm before the tempest. 

Day What? I've lost count.

No really. I have the counter here, somewhere. But right now I’m staring at this weird web show and… and… it’s almost taking a lot of effort to even just remember who I am. I just wanted to check a few stuff in the internet because I couldn’t get to sleep, but I never counted on encountering something like this.

I promise to be more coherent… soon. But right now, my brain is still adjusting. I never expected this much weirdness… that didn't come from Japan.

Can’t… look… away. Now sing it with me…



Day 55.3: Loyang Valley

Soon, I’ll be leaving this place and head back home for my first leave. In the future, when I return, I will be assigned to projects that will require me to go onshore for long periods of time, with nothing but a few days to stay on land, maybe to just to write a few reports. Surely, that time will come when I’ll be able to stay in this place for only less than a week.

But before I finally say goodbye (for now) to this place, let me show you around first, this place that I called my home for almost a couple of months.

I won’t really miss this place, because I will still be visiting the crew flats from time to time. But I can’t deny the fact that I was thankful to be assigned here during my first few days in Singapore, instead of some random hotel room.

I met friends here. Friends who, in a way, made me feel less alone.

Home Far Away From Home


Day 55.2: Tuas West

My boss is planning to send me back home, probably this Thursday or Friday. I’m still in denial... I feel a strange mixture of relief and dread that I don’t even know how to describe.


My boss told me that they had to send me back because my visit pass runs out this Monday, and a second extension is simply not possible. “Unless something comes up tomorrow, we really don’t have a place for you yet,” he said. I asked him again if there is a way to extend my time away from home. “Would you rather spend Easter here?” he asked. I told him that I don’t mind spending Easter away from home, but when he asked again, I confessed that I really don’t want to go home so soon. He looked at me apologetically and said that there really was no other way. “We’ll probably have a project for you by mid-April,” he said.


I walked back to my laptop dazed with a welling pit in my stomach. Thursday… that means I have less than two days to prepare. For everything.


The pros:


  1. I’ll probably be home in time for my brother’s college graduation.
  2. I can visit my dentist to have my braces readjusted sooner.
  3. I’ll be able to collect from Jansen. He owes me big time.
  4. I’ll be home for K’s birthday, just in time to surprise her. Maybe.
  5. I’ll finally be able to attend to my “unfinished businesses” before they blow out of control.


The cons:


  1. I’ll be attending to my “unfinished businesses” before they blow out of control.


There’re still so many things to do, so many places to explore… and just when you were having fun, you realize that your time is finally up. And to think I’ve already psyched myself up for my first ship.


I even made plans this weekend. *groan*


I haven’t earned a lot of money yet during my stay here, living life purposelessly like the slightly pampered bachelor that I am. What’s even more depressing is that I’ll be coming back home in probably the gloomiest part of the year in the Philippines: Holy Week, when everything’s all silent and black and morose. And don’t even get me started on the immigrations issue that’s waiting to grab me by the balls on my return flight.


It’s probably one of the most embarrassing things that could happen to a field staff like me: a soldier all geared for battle, with no war to fight, being sent back home without any glory to speak of.


I hope something does come up tomorrow.

Day 55.1: Vivo City

I don’t have much time left: no time to debate, no time to explain, no time fret, no time to panic. I guess this is bound to happen when you’re having too much fun. 

I know what needs to be done. I’m not running away; as a matter of fact, it looks like I’m about to do the exact opposite. Just thinking about it is making me feel uneasy, because it’s happening all too soon. And considering the recent developments that I have posted, I’m sure that this post will also mislead a few people, namely those who are quick to jump to conclusions (exasperated sigh). 

Things will begin to make sense again soon enough. Just have faith. 


Before we go deeper into that, let me just clean up my crap here before I hand this laptop back to the IT Department.

Behold! a few pictures taken at Vivo City.

Having Fun at Plastic Land

God is always at the horizon, watching my every move. I have nothing to fear.

Day 45: Wish You Were Here (Stone)

(Written last March 8)

Penny and I finished our training early yesterday, which of course, was a cause for much celebration, because that meant that we had plenty of time to prepare for last night’s concert. It didn’t hurt either to see that the clouds have courteously drifted a safe distance away from the island of Singapore; it has been raining on and off a few days before yesterday, and we were getting worried that our open-air concert experience would get washed out because of the storm. Well, the universe was kind to us back then, my friends, and things aligned nicely to conform to our plans.

With all conditions checked, Incubus was incoming.

Of course, there was one bit of a snag: we got the day off starting at 1pm, and the concert wouldn’t start ‘til 8pm. With the concert organizers probably letting people in as early as six in the evening, that still left us with a five hours of free time to kill.

So, what to do?

Penny suggested that we go to the Greek Masterpieces exhibit at the National Museum of Singapore.

She told me that she planned to go there for quite awhile now, but she couldn’t find someone who’s interested to go to a museum with. I‘ve been meaning to go there for quite awhile myself, ever since I saw the announcement in the newspaper that there’d be a few Louvre pieces that’d be put up there for display. And yes, the fact that we’re going to an art museum and then to a rock concert afterwards struck me as something cool in itself.

I kept on forgetting that it’d be her first time to go there as well since I’ve been so used to having her as my tour guide and expecting her to give me bits of trivia about the places that we were about to go to, so I ended up asking her questions on what to expect anyway. We got a bit lost…

…but along the way, we passed by a few landmarks that I haven’t been able to appreciate in the light of day, like the Raffles City mall…

…the Capitol Building…

…the Stanford Court…

…the Fort Canning Tunnel…

…and that nice network of greenhouses that turned out to be the Singapore Management University.

Finally, we arrived at the National Museum of Singapore, which was to be my first trip-to-a-museum-that-wasn’t-forced-unto-me-by-a-Social-Sciences-teacher. The S$8 (Php 224) was reasonable enough, but I probably wouldn’t drag anyone there who’s not exactly into the arts… or who’s not interested in seeing naked bodies.

Right at the door we were greeted with the towering statue of David, which of course had nothing to do with the Greek Classics, but it was there anyway. You won’t see it in the picture, but if you looked closely enough, you’d notice that the statue’s skin was riddled with flowers, leaves, and vines reminiscent of Malay batik patterns, which was a nice Singaporean touch.

The museum, like most museums of today, was nothing like the old ones that we used to visit back in high school. Gone were the halls that smelled of old paint and the discolored walls veined with cracks and in their place were escalators, swipe-able bar-coded paper tickets, digital displays, and wide open spaces that made the whole place look like a quieter version of a mall.

Not that I’m complaining of course: the sun was beating down on us on our way there that I sure appreciated a few hours of air conditioning.

Also, like in most museums, cameras aren’t supposed to be allowed. But after the tour, the students who were in the area suddenly whipped out their cameras and started snapping here and there, so I went with the flow and took a few picture as well (okay, not so few then, it would be sad, after all, to be surrounded with all those nice little artsy-things and not be able to capture an image for yourself).

After this, we went towards Fort Canning for the riotous pandemonium of the Incubus concert. I’d tell you more about it, but I still have an IT Show to go to later this afternoon, and I still haven’t eaten lunch.

(to be continued)

(Written last March 13)


Fifty days ever since, and fifty days to go. Woohoo!


I checked my mail this morning and found out that one of my recent articles has elicited a few interesting reactions. And that’s only from the people who bothered to let me know in writing, either thru email, chat, or the blog itself. I can only imagine about the not-so-chatty others who might have read that piece but nonetheless have a thing or two to say about it as well.

I am torn between amusement and concern because that article in particular drew out both amusement and concern from different parties.

For those who feel negatively anxious about it, I’d like to explain that thing a little bit further, but I am afraid I am unable to do so because I don’t want to break my promise. For them, I’d like to say: Don’t worry, everything’s alright.

For those who feel positively curious about it, I’d like to explain that thing a little bit further, but don’t expect me to make it any clearer, because, you know. I’m sneaky. For them, I have four words to say as well: You have no idea.

It’s not about the Big D, although that’s what it says right there. It’s all about the Big A, because that’s what it says right there as well.

Day 48: Right in the Middle

(Written last March 11)


There had been a few changes to this blog around three weeks ago. Like most articles that I’ve written here these past few days, this entry will be buried underneath more recent updates, and will most likely pass by unnoticed.


But let me see if the press will get this nonetheless:



Day 43: Pause to Catch Your Breath

(Written last March 7)


Last Sunday was, by far, the most jam-packed day of my entire stay here. Whew. I haven’t written much in the past few days because not much has happened anyway due to my training, but here are a few highlights before I tell you what happened:


Day 34: Wednesday. An officemate named Penny assisted me in buying my concert ticket for tomorrow’s Incubus concert. We were joined by a Chinese-looking, Filipino-assuming, French-speaking Indonesian guy named Joe (not sure if that’s his real name, but he’s resolute on we calling him that), who insisted to introduce us to the best Malaysian Grilled Chicken that I’ve tasted in all my life: tender-roasted chicken, served with Javanese rice topped with mouth-watering curry, plus sweet-spicy chili-and-dried-anchovy paste on the side. SUPERB. After that, we wandered around a bit in the Fountain of Wealth and took a few pictures at the Millennium Walk.


Day 36: Friday. We all threw a small farewell beer-party for the two guys who were going back home for a while. It’s not really that big of a deal, but in this industry, you’ll never really know when you’ll see each other again. Amidst huge bottles of Tiger beer, we discussed the good ol’ days at the College of Engineering and talked about the people that we knew back at college and at work back in the Philippines, how boring Brunei can sometimes be (in complete contrast to how interesting Thailand can sometimes be), and of course, the haunted crew flat where the ghost of its previous owner (a spinster who was rumored to have committed suicide in one of the rooms) occasionally scares the beejeesus out of even the most macho of all men.


Day 37: Me and the boys struggled to wake up as early as we could so we could head off to Bugis St. to do some last minute souvenir shopping. In it was a setup that almost mimicked the festive chaos of Quiapo, with its own multi-leveled maze of shops selling reasonably-priced odds and ends that you could buy by the dozen so you’d have something nifty to remind people that hey, you’ve BEEN to Singapore. I then saw them off in the airport and went all by my lonesome to the Singapore Expo, where I bought a few books that were on sale, lots of colored pens that I purchased just for the heck of it, and a couple of huge-ass slabs of Cadbury chocolate just because they appeared to be cheap. I also accidentally entered a cult-like charismatic prayer meeting, but fortunately, I managed to get out alive without any apparent damage to my sanity.


Day 42: Blurdays

(Written last March 6)


The training is awesome stuff, and our trainer is a very cool Australian old dude named Wayne who sometimes sounds like a Frenchman. He’s very animated, and he talks about the dangers of a life at the high seas like they’re nothing but a funny pirate stories. He’s thorough almost to a fault that even the dullest land-lubber will surely get whatever it is that he’s talking about. He got me interested and very much excited for my first assignment.


I can’t wait to begin.